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Aug 15, 2020
First thing first, we suggest reading the forum's Community Rules before you start posting anywhere:
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Why can't I see some threads/categories? ("You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.")
Some categories are unlocked only when you have the "Proven" rank. Once you are Proven you will see the Proven banner on your profile.


How do I earn the "Proven" rank?
Currently, you receive the Proven rank when you earn a reaction score of 20. More info about ranks here:
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What is reaction score and how do I earn points?
Reaction points are received when other Proven members react to/like your posts. Your total reaction score shows on your profile page, and is not to be confused with trophy points. To earn reaction score you need to become an active contributing member of the community, and make posts that other users react to.


Why can't I create threads in the Requests category? or post in the Celebrities category?
The ability to create new threads in the Requests category, and post in threads in the Celebrities category, is unlocked only when you earn the "Proven" rank. We suggest you contribute to existing threads in the Requests category to help earn your Proven rank.

I would like to share content but the thread doesn't exist (and I don't have access to the category to create one)
Hang onto your content, the thread might appear another time. For the time being, contribute elsewhere with some different content.

Can I not just post my content wherever I want?
No. You need to post only in the correct category. Posting off-topic content in the incorrect category will lead to your posts/threads being deleted, and warnings being issued which may lead to your account getting banned. Make sure to read the sticky posts in each category to understand the posting guidelines before starting any new threads.

I've contributed to a Request thread which was moved to a locked category. How can I update it?
Unfortunately you can't. You will still receive any reaction points you get on the post even if you can't see it anymore. For the time being, find other threads to contribute to and once you earn your Proven rank you can return to update it.

Why can't I react to other posts?
The ability to react to posts is disabled until you earn the "Proven" rank. This is in place to prevent somebody from creating multiple profiles to like their own posts.

I've earned 20 reaction points, but I'm still not Proven.
Group promotions happens every 30 minutes and you need to be online in order for the system to detect you as someone that needs to be promoted.

Happy posting! HYPERS
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