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Sexy Egirls

Aug 15, 2020
Hello there,

We have been making new layouts for the front page and forum for some time and now.. we're happy to announce that they are ready for the public!

  • Now features a lot cleaner look & better colors for the eyes
  • Multiple banners have been re-designed
  • High Table and SE-Premium members can now download files (that are hosted on S-E) from a thread!
Download button preview (High Table and SE-Premium only):

Front page:
  • Now features a complete re-design with more darker colors
  • Almost everything is now is being loaded dynamically for better user experience
  • Download of albums has been enabled yet again - it will be a bit slower now, because your browser is now generating the ZIP files (not our server).
  • Comments system has been re-designed and will be more reddit-like (still in development).
  • Comments can now be liked and emotes will be added soon
  • You can now save your favourite albums by liking them (clicking the heart) and view them sorted in your "My Likes" tab.
  • We've added an "endless" scroll page
  • We've added a "Verified Models" section, which will be enabled soon
  • You can now link your forum account with the front page (and have benefits, if you are high-ranking member)
  • High Table & SE-Premium members will be able to view videos (without ads) directly in the album page - this will be added soon
Go check it out:
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Link to login with your forum account:
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/ You will get your likes transferred & you won't get any ads, if you have >600 reaction score
Note: for now, you can only login with this link, because passwords are still kept in safe on the forum's server, but this will be improved soon

We hope that you like the new themes as much as we do! Lets us know, if you face any bugs or problems with the new front page. peepoShy

Best Regards,
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